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Print advertisement has continued to flourish in the world of marketing, despite years of digital development and an emphasis on social media marketing schemes. In our expert opinion, there’s a charm and professionalism to print advertising that digital ads struggle to replicate!

Yet, because so many businesses are working hard to produce sophisticated booklets, billboards, posters and magazines in the wake of a resurging love of print, distinguishing your own enterprise is more challenging than ever before.

At Duplo International, our solution to this dilemma is pretty simple: quality print innovations!

Here’s some ideas for unique print innovations like NFT tag printing, foil printing and scented printing. But, if you don’t quite know what these solutions entail, don’t worry, we’re here to shed light on them all, so do read on for more.

What are NFT tags, and how do I print them?

In the here and now, we’ve probably all heard of the term NFT. This acronym refers to a non-fungible token, usually a piece of art, with a distinct blockchain that can’t be replicated elsewhere. Because NFTs usually belong to the digital sphere, we don’t blame you for being confused about printing NFT tags.

Because NFT tags act as a marker of authenticity for your physical NFT by linking it to its digital certificate, they must be printed to a high degree of accuracy. Luckily, Duplo International has you covered, with technologies that are cutting-edge in terms of precision.

What is scented printing, and how does it benefit businesses?

At Duplo International, our products have a great range of applications, and now we are exploring scented printing! In essence, scented printing is exactly as it sounds – it is a printing technique that incorporates scents into printed materials, like business cards and magazines. If you want your business to be associated with a certain scent, or you’d like to impress customers with a visual and tactile experience unlike any other, scented printing is the way to do so! There’s no better way to make yourself unforgettable to potential consumers.

Popular scents for scented printing include florals, citrus, or even well-loved food-related smells, like coffee or chocolate. Contrary to what you might think, scented printing is fairly conventional, too! Conventional printing processes are used – like offset or digital – but, scented inks containing microcapsules with your desired fragrance that are applied to the printing press before a print run, consequently adhered to your paper during printing.

Oftentimes, potential customers, when reading your quality print adverts, can rub the printed material to rupture the applied microcapsules, releasing the sweet scent. This makes for a keen marketing campaign that’s truly immersive, and therefore surprisingly memorable.

The foil printing process explained

If you don’t want to imbue your business adverts with different smells, and you haven’t invested your money in digital NFTs, we at Duplo International recommend another unique print innovation – foil printing! With technology like in-line digital foiling, which uses as induction heating process inside the printer’s roller to adhere foil coatings to your print advertisements; you can add a range of shiny and appealing finishes to any printed material! This is a great way to include eye-catching elements, in quality metallic finishes like silver and gold, to your business cards, packaging, booklets and much more.

Before you print, it’s important to prepare your foil printing design. Know exactly where you want the metallic foil applied, and be as precise as possible. Generally, a custom metal stamping die will be produced based on this design, standing as the template for the foil application. Rest assured, there are so many types of foil to choose from, you’ll never get bored of foil printing. From holographic to metallic, matte to glossy and plain to patterned, the choices for foil are endless.

Once you’ve selected your foil, thanks to the printing presses at Duplo International, setup is simple. Every press carries out one specific job at a time. Start by loading your paper or substrate into your printing press, then carefully position your stamping die, check the temperature and pressure parameters, and situate your foil flat between your substrate and heated die. Afterwards, let your printing press run and do its job, and soon you’ll have the glittering print advertisement you’ve been waiting for.

Contact Duplo International for more information, today

At Duplo International, we pride ourselves on offering our customers the best high precision and quality automated print finishing technology on the market. With the help of our bespoke print services, you can transform paper into something much more – a material that communicates the heart of your business to potential customers far and wide. Interested in discovering more about speciality foil print, or how scented printing can elevate your advertisements? Contact Duplo International, today.

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