Achieving High-Quality Booklets with the Duplo DBM 700

Achieving High-Quality Booklets with the Duplo DBM 700

Achieving High-Quality Booklets with the Duplo DBM 700

56% of consumers trust print marketing more than any other advertising method – even social media! Businesses, if they want to succeed on a larger scale in the long term, must implement print throughout their marketing campaigns. But, to do this successfully, they need to invest in the right equipment.

Consider a booklet maker machine developed by the leading provider of all print finishing products, Duplo International. Namely, the Duplo DBM 700 is a single system with a difference, perfect for commercial clients looking to produce a high volume of print advertisements, and boasts a versatile range of applications.

Sound too good to be true? Find out how the Duplo DBM 700 works, below.

How does the Duplo DBM 700 work?

The Duplo DBM 700 can be completely automated, making it easy to implement in your business operations as they currently are. We refer to the fact that you can customise the DBM 700 to meet your requirements. There are options to add intelligent feeding towers to your DBM 700 booklet maker, operated by Duplo’s trademark software, and with these towers, you can pick from a number of flexible feeding options to process various formats of print.

The software used to power the Duplo DBM 700 is more innovative than all versions that have come before, and its settings are easily managed by a screen interface attached to the booklet making machine. The machine’s operator merely needs to click to change between specific settings, like between a four-stitch head or two-stitch head of the Duplo DBM 700, and produce a booklet or print advertisement that your company can be proud of.



What are the benefits of the Duplo DBM 700?

Because this automatic booklet maker is easy to operate and use, it provides your business with a number of benefits that go far beyond marketing campaign successes. For example:

  1. Professionalism – Aside from attracting new customers with a refined appearance for advertisements, Duplo’s booklet maker gives your business a look and air of professional credibility overall, by ensuring the products that you produce are made with the ultimate precision and high-quality finishes.
  2. Time Efficiency – If a business is wasting time on manual booklet binding, without the guarantee of a professional or consistent finish at the end, other important tasks fall by the wayside. To achieve commercial success in the long term, it’s important to streamline the efficiency of all your operations, and an automatic booklet maker can do this for you.
  3. Cost-effective – The Duplo DBM 700 is a cost-effective investment in the long term. By automating print advertisement processes with a booklet making machine, it’s remarkably simple to achieve high-quality booklets in half the time as usual without the need for costly manual labour. You save on everything – time, money, and material.
  4. Increased Productivity – Are you determined to produce a great print marketing campaign, but would like to do it quickly? A booklet maker allows for increased productivity in your workplace, and as the Duplo DBM 700 can handle an impressive range of applications at a speed of up to 5,200 booklets per hour, you can achieve the levels of productivity that your business needs to thrive.
  5. Easy to Use – We must reiterate that, because of the Duplo DBM 700’s intuitive controls, settings, and interface, it’s a digital booklet maker that’s very easy to use! Oftentimes, these sprawling print machines can be intimidating to potential operators, but for the DBM 700, your employees can operate it with the touch of a button.
  6. Customisable Options – When it comes to a Duplo booklet finishing machine, there are very few limits to the customisable options available for your booklets. There is potential for ultra-precise stapling, folding, and trimming. The Duplo DBM 700 specifically offers three-knife trimming and square spine options and can produce A4 landscape designs, catalogues, textbooks, calendars and more. Whatever your business needs, the Duplo DBM 700 is guaranteed to provide.


Is there a limit to the capabilities of the Duplo DBM 700?

Whilst it wouldn’t be fair to say that the capabilities of the Duplo DBM 700 are unlimited, we certainly push the frontier of booklet makers to their fullest potential. We constantly look to the latest and greatest booklet making trends on the market, and ensure our machinery stays ahead of the evolving curve. After all, 77% of consumers say print advertisement drives higher levels of recall, meaning that – if your booklets are truly revolutionary, and convey your brand message in a sophisticated and professional manner – your business will be more memorable and sought-after by consumers as a whole.

That is to say, the only things you must be mindful of when fitting the DBM 700 into your business operations are the specifications and features, like:

  1. The Max Booklet Thickness – 6mm for 30 sheets of 80gsm or a 120-page book, and 10mm for 50 sheets of 80gsm or a 200-page book.
  2. The Flat Sheet Size – The maximum flat sheet size is W 356mm x L 610mm, with a minimum of W 105mm x L 170mm.
  3. The Folding Capacity – 2 to 30 sheets, or 50 sheets with the DBM 700S.
  4. The Stitching Capacity – 5mm for 50 sheets of 80gsm.
  5. The Power Consumption – 550W.
  6. The Dimensions – The DBM 700 weighs 366kg, with dimensions of W 1976mm x D 929mm x H 1507mm.

For more information on Duplo’s DBM 700, contact us today.

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