Everything You Need to Know About the Growth of Influencer Packaging 

 Everything You Need to Know About the Growth of Influencer Packaging 

In recent years, the marketing landscape has witnessed a significant surge in the growth of influencer packaging – this phenomenon intertwines the power of social media influencers with product packaging to create unique and impactful consumer experiences. This trend has revolutionised traditional print marketing strategies, by harnessing the power of tangible engagement, syncing it with the reach and exposure of influencer marketing to capture consumer attention and driving brand engagement.

What is influencer packaging?

Influencer packaging puts exclusive or personalised packaging in the hands of consumers and influential audiences with the intent that they will then share it online. This strategy leverages consumer credibility (or user generated content also known as UGC) and reach to establish more authentic and impactful marketing. Brands are creating an immersive experience and it’s only going to continue growing.

Why are brands creating influencer packaging?

The impact is larger! It bridges the gap between the digital and physical worlds, turning unboxing experiences into shareable moments that amplify brand exposure. Consumers are seeking more immersive, value driven, personalised, and let’s not forget, tangible interactions with brands. Influencer packaging stands out by challenging traditional advertising methods, forever transforming the way brands connect with their audiences.

Here's some influencer packaging we’ve seen lately.

Do you ever wonder how those really cool influencer boxes for movies are made? Watch our video and discover the inspiration behind Barbie's Box.

This video is a really good example of how using print finishing can give the receiver the feel of having the product in their hands. In this case they can’t send a car but have sent something that provides the feel of features in the car.






FIFA, Gym Shark, Corona, Cadbury and many more big brands have all sent influencer boxes. This business has made them all happen…

What’s does this mean for PSP’s?

Print providers that can excel in managing short runs, limited editions, and personalised packaging, will be the ones generating new business. Catering to smaller production quantities and diverse needs by leveraging digital printing technologies will be the only way to efficiently meet this growing demand.

Limited edition packaging is to capture the essence of exclusivity, print providers will need to collaborate closely with brands to design unique packaging that resonates with the product's value, additionally employing specialised finishes for a luxurious feel.

If print providers harness variable data printing to seamlessly integrate personalisation such as names, messages, or images, they will be creating high value print enhancing customer engagement and brand loyalty for their client. Also adding digital shape cutting, Spot UV, Digi-foil will enhance visual impact and benefit PSPs in competitive landscapes, but most importantly securing that a lasting impression on customers, to meet your customer’s objectives.

Here’s our top 5 tips to help PSP’s effectively handle short run and personalised packaging:

1. Digital Printing Technology: Utilise digital printing technology that offers quick setup and minimal waste for short runs.

2. Workflow Automation: Implement automated workflow systems that streamline processing, from artwork approval, all the way to finishing.

Implement automated workflow systems, such as Ultimate Impostrip that streamline processing, from artwork approval, all the way to finishing. This whitepaper by Ultimate talks about how to create files for packaging and embellishment.

3. Variable Data Printing (VDP): Invest in VDP capabilities to enable seamless personalisation. This technology allows for dynamic printing of unique content, such as customer names or images, within each package.

4. Efficient Finishing Techniques: Invest in equipment that enables efficient finishing techniques, such as digital die-cutting and digital spot UV and foiling, to add value to short run and personalised packaging.

5. Client Education: teach brand owners the benefits and limitations of short runs, embellishments, and personalisation, it helps build awareness of the opportunities, but also manages expectations and fosters collaborations.

By embracing these strategies, print providers can effectively balance the demands of short run and personalised packaging while maintaining a high level of efficiency, responsiveness, and customer satisfaction – with these tactics stay current to our evolving print landscape.

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