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Exploring The World of Booklets – Square Spine Books, Large Run Books and Variable Data Books

In the digital world that we live in, the great value of booklet finishing has slowly slipped from the minds of businesses worldwide. This couldn’t be more unfortunate! For booklet finishing in the UK specifically, print advertising is still projected to attract 13.6 million readers by 2027! This includes square spine books, large run books and variable data books – the most relevant booklets for courting interested consumers. And, with an unimaginable number of potential consumers out there, we can’t help but recommend that you invest in a booklet finishing machine as soon as possible. We at Duplo International have quite the collection of booklet makers, ranging from hand-fed desktop machines to expert production systems that guarantee customers around the world will be reading about your business! To explore the world of booklets with our professional help, like the square spine books, large run books and variable data books we briefly mentioned before, don’t wait to read on.

Square Spine Books

30 sheet square spine booklet with rain forest cover

Often stocked in travel agents, libraries, and businesses looking to make an impression during important conferences, square spine booklets lie perfectly flat – making them quite easy to pack and ship elsewhere. They look professional and sophisticated, often laminated or with a sheen that makes them enjoyable to read and flick through.

Square spine books are created through a delicate process of saddle-stitching, combined with a careful compression process at the end. As a result, these booklets are able to have a remarkably high page count without any of the unattractive bowing that you’d usually expect. These refined books can be filled with a number of wonderful pictures, detailed information, and inspiring testimonials about your business is an additional bonus.

And the fact that these square spine books have a noticeable spine can benefit your booklet advertising campaign greatly! After all, a booklet’s spine isn’t only functionally important, but visually. The spine is prime real estate, so to speak, where you can advertise your business and branding in an appealing and concise way. Whether you’re placing a book on your bookshelf or wondering whether to take a booklet home to adorn a coffee table, an attractive spine of a square spine booklet will make a brilliant first impression to potential consumers.

Large Run Books

When we talk about large booklet finishing at Duplo International, we’re not referring to the physical size of a booklet, but its actual quantity! Certainly, large run books are booklets that were produced in big quantities during a single print run. Large booklet finishing is the answer for businesses that require a high volume of marketing materials at once – perhaps for a new campaign, or to tell the world about your up-and-coming startup!

There are many advantages and disadvantages to large run books. But let’s start off with the positives!

  1. Cost Savings

By producing a great number of booklets in a single print run, not only are you not overtaxing your booklet finishing machines, but you can also reduce the total cost per unit. When the setup costs – like the price of installing machinery and purchasing materials – are spread across a large number of printed materials at once, you’re taking advantage of the economies of scale.

  1. Production Efficiency

With large run books, you’re reducing the time and effort required to start and run each print job. Like Duplo International’s heavy-duty Ricoh In-Line booklet maker range, when a print finishing system can produce high volumes of quality booklets quickly and without much human intervention, time, labour and money is saved in mass amounts.

  1. Good Quality

Maintaining a good, consistent quality across all of your booklets is difficult without the assistance of large booklet finishing. Large run books allow for consistent quality and colour accuracy across the board, as the production process is carefully monitored and carried out in a single print run. There’s no meddling with specifications or wasting material on poor quality booklets!

Nevertheless, as with most good things, there are some minor drawbacks. To achieve that good, consistent quality, you have to keep a keen eye on a number of important variables that impact the large booklet finishing process – the paper and ink that you’re using, and the printing conditions, are key. It also takes careful coordination to start large run books, including setting your booklet maker up with the utmost care. Prior to the cost savings that a large run can bring, you’re also going to have to invest in the right equipment! Fortunately, Duplo International can help with that.

Variable Data Books

Variable data books are produced through a variable data finishing machine, an innovative example of digital finishing equipment. Essentially, variable data refers to the printing method used in the creation of a booklet. When your booklets are produced in a single print run, variable data finishing means that their content can be changed without slowing or stopping the press! Each booklet can be finished differently between one moment and the next.

This all happens through an electronic database containing the variable data used to customise each finished booklet.

Software will extract this unique data, merge it with a layout template and create an output file that is then printed via your digital press! Like magic, you can easily switch up design elements between every one of your booklets – for example, why not change your headlines and pictures? You can even alter the colours used!

Not only will your booklets feel more personal to a consumer, you can diversify the branding of your business. Change your booklets to meet a range of different advertising campaigns, and the preferences of numerous customer demographics. There’s nothing more beneficial to your business than targeted advertising! For more information about variable data books, we highly recommend reaching out to a member of the Duplo International team.

Our booklet makers are vast in their capabilities and the technology used, and getting started with a variable data finishing machine can be intimidating without the right help!

The benefits of booklet finishing

The benefits of booklet finishing really are manifold, for small businesses and great enterprises alike. With the use of machinery from Duplo International, booklet finishing is affordable and cost-effective for businesses, meaning that – with very little investment into this aspect of print advertisement – you’re likely to make an impressive profit, with a loyal customer base well-informed about your brand and business. Indeed, booklets tend to be much more informative than a simple flyer or snappy social media post! You can provide complete, detailed, and accurate information about your products and services. And just because booklets are very informative, doesn’t mean they are boring. Your booklets, particularly a laminated square spine book, can be filled with vibrant colours, pictures, and inspiring text. Customers will love it!

Ultimately, the best benefits of booklet finishing are relatively simple: they’re fast to produce, and have truly massive reach and distribution flexibility! Even the smaller hand-fed machines in Duplo International’s range have been proven to be quick and efficient, without scrimping on a premium quality. Unlike a social media advertisement, where you have to devote hour after hour to cultivating interested followers so your advertisement can reach an audience at all, booklets can be shared far and wide.

Many potential consumers don’t use the internet, but all receive mail. You can post your booklets locally, nationally, and even internationally with the right partnerships! Stores can keep your booklets at the front counter to be taken at will, you can distribute your booklets on the street, or make the most out of a stall at a trade show.

The versatility of booklet advertising cannot be understated.

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To invest in your own booklet maker, or perhaps take on the challenge of a variable data printing machine, reach out to Duplo International at your earliest convenience. Duplo International are more than booklet-making aficionados – we’re the experts in the field, driving the development of high-quality booklet makers, so that your business can reach new heights of marketing success. From the Duplo 350 booklet maker range to the more complex Duplo iSaddle 5.0, to the new Duplo DBM-700 booklet maker, there is sure to be the perfect booklet making system for you.