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How sustainability will reduce costs PLUS generate new revenue streams

We hear too often “businesses must adopt sustainable practices if they want to survive” – buy why?

Sustainable practices will indeed help print business’s brand perception, but they can actually reduce costs and generate additional revenue in several ways too. Here are some keyways sustainable practices that can benefit print providers:

Energy Efficiency

Implementing energy-efficient technologies and practices, such as using energy-saving, or low consumption equipment, plus optimising your production processes, can lead to significant cost savings as a result of reduced energy consumption - Minimising energy waste, plus operating expenses.

Waste Reduction

By implementing efficient operations via automation, printers can optimise inventory management, reduce errors, reducing paper and ink waste therefore reducing costs.

Print providers that adopt print management software to tracks and optimises printing processes and streamline workflows, will see increased cost saving.

Many businesses and brand owners will prioritise sustainable sourcing and production when selecting print providers. By positioning themselves as sustainable and environmentally responsible, print providers can potentially gain a competitive edge and attract new clients, leading to increased revenue.

Customer Demand and Loyalty

With increasing awareness and concern for the environment, there is a growing demand for sustainable products and services. By offering eco-friendly printing options, using recycled or certified paper, and promoting sustainable practices, print providers will attract environmentally conscious customers who are willing to pay a premium for sustainable printing services. In addition, providing sustainable solutions can help build customer loyalty and long-term relationships retaining repeat business.

Government Incentives

In some regions, governments offer incentives and subsidies to encourage businesses to adopt sustainable practices. These incentives can include tax credits, grants, or subsidies for purchasing energy-efficient equipment or implementing eco-friendly initiatives. By taking advantage of incentives, print providers can reduce their costs and make their operations more financially viable.

Offering paper and card packaging solutions

Sustainable packaging solutions are experiencing increasing demand from brand owners (and consumers), print providers can tap into this market and generate additional revenue while promoting environmentally responsible practices.

Buyers, even within B2B industries prioritise purchasing from businesses with goals towards cooperate social responsibility, which includes their impact to the environment making sustainability a vital tool to remain an attractive supplier. The added benefit is the improved profit margins that adopting efficient (sustainable) inventory management, workflow and equipment brings to print service providers.

By embracing sustainable practices, print providers can not only reduce costs but also tap into new revenue streams and gain a competitive advantage in an increasingly environmentally conscious market.

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