The Cost Savings of bringing your Booklet Making In-house

The digital world has lured many businesses into a false sense of security with their marketing strategies. Print advertising is often overlooked in favour of social media and online campaigns, when – in actuality! – they are more important than ever before. If you want to reach a greater audience and establish a professional image, booklets are the answer.

But, to produce the quantity of booklets needed to advertise your business, you would generally have to seek the assistance of a third-party specialist in booklet making or invest in in-house printing for yourself. An all in one booklet maker can streamline the booklet making process from the comfort of your workspace, efficient and productive. Importantly, though, as this article will explore, the cost savings of using a booklet maker machine in-house are exponential.

Why traditional advertising is still important

Although, admittedly, digital advertising is a significant portion of any marketing strategy in the current day, traditional advertising methods remain one of the most effective ways of reaching an audience and connecting to them on a personal level. In fact, studies have shown that traditional advertising creates more brand awareness in potential consumers, particularly when it comes to a demographic base of regional or local clientele. Furthermore, not every customer is online!

Booklets are a particularly inspiring form of traditional advertisement. They’re noticeable, visually interesting, can be textured and embellished, and easily placed throughout local stores, supermarkets and newsagents, to reach a maximum audience. All in all, booklets stand out, and summarise your brand in a succinct, engaging manner. Because booklets remain such an effective marketing tool, they’re one of the best examples for justifying why traditional advertising should continue to be prioritised by businesses, even in 2023.

How a booklet maker can save money in-house

There are many ways in which a booklet maker can save you money when installed and utilised in-house.

Reduced Outsourcing Costs

As we’ve touched upon throughout this article, a booklet maker is a sure way to reduce outsourcing costs to a third party or external vendor. It’s far preferable to invest in in-house printing, and exert more control over your own business, than seek the assistance of a costly print shop.

Increased Productivity

By streamlining and automating your booklet making process, you can expect greatly increased productivity. Handmade or manual methods of booklet production can’t always accommodate the requirements of your business, but with a booklet maker, produce double the amount of booklets in half the time! This saves you money on labour, time and materials.

Budget Management

By having a booklet maker in-house, you have far more control over your budget management. It’s simple to allocate a marketing budget that suits you, and whatever resources are required, you can better plan ahead to ensure the cost-effective production of your booklets. Better yet, there will be no monetary surprises to be expected or prepared for!

Quick Revisions

If the content of your booklet doesn’t turn out the way you thought it would, or some minor alterations need to be made, in house printing enables you to make quick revisions as and when you need to - and you don’t need to wait – or pay an extra fee!


The best part about having a booklet maker and trimmer in-house is the ease and potential for customisation. Easily switch up between colours, fonts, textures, images, stocks – everything! If there’s anything potential customers love, it’s a stylish and unique brand with distinctive marketing. The countless options for booklet customisation in-house save you even more money on outsourcing.

If you’d like to start up your own in-house printing, and grow your brand thorough traditional advertising, it’s time to reach out to a professional for the right equipment! At Duplo International, we are specialists in print finishing technology to enhance your business and our services cover a wide range of booklet making equipment.

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