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Data protection is a top priority and so document shredders are an indispensable tool for companies, institutions and private users to protect sensitive data. Since May 2018 the enforcement of GDPR is a legal requirement. To keep your documentation secure, Duplo has a selection of IDEAL document and CD shredders, all of which are designed to meet your company's legislation requirements. Shredding and archiving are labour intensive tasks made simple, by our IDEAL range of shredders. With more than 50 models available, from compact desk-side shredders to large and powerful auto feed shredders, we have a shredder for every need.

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IDEAL 3 phase, high capacity shredders

Duplo IDEAL 3 Phase Shredders

Our top of the range Duplo IDEAL 3-Phase Shredder is capable of swallowing entire lever arch files with ease, and all of these models can handle high volumes of shredding. These shredding systems are easy to use and packed with safety features. They are also built to last, with specially-hardened steel cutting shafts that make light work of the toughest shredding jobs.

IDEAL deskside/personal high security shredders.

Duplo IDEAL Personal Shredders

For small or home office, you’ll find everything here from personal data shredder entry models that are both efficient and eco-friendly, up to heavier-duty shredders that can handle CDs, DVDs and credit cards. Options include up to 53-litre volume shred bins, high quality, paper clip-proof steel cutting shafts that have a lifetime guarantee, a high-quality wooden cabinet and swivel castors for mobility, and security features.


Duplo IDEAL Specialised Shredders

If you have large numbers of hard drives or optical media that you quickly need to render unusable, Duplo has the machine for you. These Duplo IDEAL Specialised Shredder systems have comprehensive safety features and a sturdy steel build. They match up to H-3 security standards for hard drive punching—able to punch a hole completely through a hard drive, damaging mechanical components, the PC board and hard disc, making stored data inaccessible.

IDEAL Office shredders

IDEAL Office Shredders

Packed with safety features from Duplo IDEAL’s Safety Protection System, this range of paper shredders also has security features which extend up to P-5 level, suitable for documents that safeguard personal livelihood or a company's existence. These systems have real shredding power, thanks to high quality, paper clip-proof steel cutting shafts. The range includes A3 models and even wider format shredding capabilities with a maximum 405-mm feed opening..