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Workflow and connectivity

Duplo's workflow integration and connectivity automates and improves efficiencies in your workflow from end-to-end all the way to the finishing. Duplo have partnered with top automation software providers and developed data management systems to deliver time, cost and resource saving end to end; from pre-press to post-press. 

These digital solutions enable smart working to optimise lean operations. Eliminate the need for manual data entry and setup of finishing information, automated imposition layout and production from pre-press through the finishing stages; achieve precision throughout, faster turnaround and saving up to 70% of setup time.

With connected solutions experience automation that will reduce human setup, errors and waste, turn around timing and running costs. Explore our workflow automation and connectivity partners for streamlined, smoother, more efficient processes.

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Ultimate inpostrip

Ultimate Impostrip

Finishing automation starts with imposition. Ultimate's Impostrip Pro software solution removes manual touchpoints, reduces bottlenecks throughout the workflow, and enables a print provider to handle post-press automation together with pre-press, thus achieving a greater lever of efficiency. Currently available for integration with our Duplo multifinishing equipment.

With the increasing demand for shorter runs and quicker turnaround times, Ultimate Impostrip® is designed with productivity in mind. Easy-to-use yet extremely versatile, automate the creation of complex impositions to resolve growing bottlenecks due to increasing number of short runs. 



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EFI Fiery

With Efi Fiery Command Workstation & Impose, export finishing templates from Duplo's range and use hot folders to automatically add the Duplo barcode and registration marks. The Duplo DFE connector is compatible with Efi Fiery and is widely available on many medium to high end production presses from Canon, KM, Ricoh and Xerox.

Efi Impose provides all the tools required to make significant savings in time and money. Its fully visual and intuitive interface offers a short learning curve, perfect for Medium to high volume digital printers, short runs, with high job numbers, plus near-line to digital press.

Currently available across the Duplo DC range.

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JDF Console

Using JDF (job definition format) the Duplo DC-Range receives finishing instructions directly from the job ticket produced in the upstream workflow. JDF Console has been validated to operate in workflows from digital press suppliers such as HP Indigo, Canon, Ricoh and Xerox. An SDK is available for print companies developing their own workflow using JDF.