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Everything you could want from a booklet maker you’ll find within the extensive Duplo range. We provide small, hand-fed desktop machines up to fully automated, high-quality production systems that can intelligently sheet feed both collated and uncollated sets, plus pretty much everything in between!

Duplo Booklet Makers and Collator Towers are modular by nature allowing you to receive a highly bespoke solution, plus our latest booklet maker machines are highly intelligent giving you automated precision that is easy to use and does not require complex or specialist skill. We are confident that our range of booklet-makers will meet the individual needs of your business all in one booklet maker.

What do you want to produce? Duplo Booklet Makers will create high quality books, catalogues, manuals, step booklets and much more.

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DBM-150 Booklet System

Duplo 150 Booklet Maker range

With the Duplo 150 Booklet Making Systems, you get all the features of the big systems, packaged into the compact footprint of the world’s smallest fully-automatic booklet maker and trimmer. Ideal if you're a low- to mid- volume user looking to bring booklet making in-house, you can scale this modular booklet-making machine, complete with trimmer, up or down and add it to offset and digital printers, to finish documents sheet by sheet or set by set.

350 digital machine image

Duplo 350 Booklet Maker range

Easy to use, quick to set up, economical to run, and scalable to grow with your business. The Duplo 350 Booklet Maker is a fully-automated booklet making system with touch screen controls to allow you to set up new jobs and those stored in the memory in seconds. You benefit from the high yield per spool of its deluxe stitching heads, which reduce the cost per booklet. This booklet maker is modular so you can upgrade in situ.

600 digital mchine image

Duplo 600 Booklet Maker range

You can expect high productivity, simple operation and set up, as well as advanced application capabilities such as A4 landscape, from the Duplo 600 Booklet Maker. Fully automatic, with high intelligence and with an optimised PC controller, this booklet maker lets you get underway in no time and delivers high volume, high quality jobs quickly.


Duplo DBM-700 Booklet Maker

Maximise your output and get more from a single system with three-knife trimming and square spine options, delivering the premium finish of a square spine with the automation of a stitched book.

Automated settings and changeovers, ensures you spend more time running and less time configuring. Intelligent feeding handles a wide range of different applications, plus the square spine option increases your production capability to 50-sheet booklets. Handle a wider range of application including booklets up to 50 sheets.

Ideal for medium to high volume production environments, the DBM-700 delivers a versatile range of applications such as A4 landscape, catalogues, textbooks and calendars with automated precision, on demand up to 5,200 booklets per hour. Create high-quality booklets with ease, to streamline your operations and improve revenue.

iSaddle 5.0

Duplo iSaddle 5.0 Booklet Maker

With the ongoing trend to ever shorter runs with faster delivery times, there’s never been a greater need to invest in solutions that deliver high quality results and adapt to many production formats and requirements. The new iSaddle 5.0 delivers just that. Evolved from Duplo’s flagship iSaddle system,  it provides the convenience of production from a flat sheet, combined with features to produce a wide range of profitable applications, allowing users to differentiate themselves from the competition.

600R machine image

Ricoh In-line Booklet Maker Range

Two great brands, Duplo and Ricoh, have partnered to create for you a series of heavy duty booklet making systems. By bringing together a range of compatible inline booklet systems, they've eliminated touchpoints and enabled you to produce printed and finished booklets in one pass, on one machine.

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Duplo booklet making systems provide the widest range of stapling and folding, stitch fold, trimming and cutting, finishing your booklets quickly, fully automatic for a wide range of paper sizes and paper weights. Duplo booklet making machines will broaden your booklet capabilities as well as automating your processes to optimise your profitability.