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Multigraf Cutter Creaser Range

Multigraf creaser folders

Multigraf Cutter Creaser Range

Crease and fold in a single pass, and complete set up in seconds, with the highly- efficient and automated Multigraf Eurofold Touchline. These user-friendly creasing and folding machines will improve your productivity and your finishing quality.

Product Ranges

Multigraf CF375

The Multigraf CF375 is a user-friendly creasing and folding machine that will improve your productivity and your finishing quality. Highly efficient and automated, it allows you to crease and fold in a single pass, with set-up finished in seconds. It will crease without cracking and you can also use it as a standalone perforator.

Multigraf CF-375 Creaser folding machine

Multigraf CP-375

For a step up on finishing quality and application capability--vouchers, coupons and tickets are among this machine's many uses--the Multigraf CP-375 is an efficient and automatic creasing, folding and perforating machine that lets you perforate, crease and fold all in a single pass, with a fast set up. It can also be utilised with Multigraf's pile feeder which can be equipped with direct roller transfer to feed products without registration.

Multigraf CP-375 + TCF-375

Multigraf 435-SM Folder

The Multigraf range of folders is entirely modular. The 435-SM is a 4-plate folder, whilst the 235-SM is a 2-plate version. Both can be combined with a 2 or 4-plate cross-fold section. The cross-folding units can be combined with various feeder, finisher or printing systems to meet customer requirements. The system is easy to use through a colour touchscreen interface, and all models are equipped with conventional manual folding plates.

Multigraf 435-SM folder with 2 plate cross fold section